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AGRIServices Brunswick
Phone: 800.279.4229

ASB East
Phone: 660.548.3177

ASB - Mendon
Phone: 660.272.3213

Phone: 660.258.7493

Missouri River

The location of AGRIServices of Brunswick was chosen because of its access to all modes of transportation. Using the Norfolk Southern rail, US-24 highway and our inland waterway system, we provide our wholesale and retail customers the ability to purchase agricultural inputs and sell grain competitively.

Our inland waterway system remains the most cost effective mode of transportation for high bulk, low value products and has been the backbone of our transportation system continuously since 1978.

Barge transportation is often the most cost effective while at the same time maintaining a much smaller carbon foot print. Barge Transportation produces less carbon dioxide while moving cargo. CO2 produced per ton of cargo moved on inland barges have a significant advantage over other forms of transportation.

Missouri River Navigation Charts

For charts from Rulo to mouth you may use this link: and then in a section of the page is “Missouri River Navigation Charts” with three picks to choose from. 

To order paper Navigation Charts contact Matt Krajewski's office 402-996-3745 for the Omaha District set and "J" Rudy's office 816-240-8131 for the Kansas City District set.

Missouri River Navigation Charts from Sioux City to the mouth are available electronically as follows:

Omaha District - Sioux City, IA to Rulo, NE

Kansas City District - Rulo, NE to the mouth

Various Maps for sale can be purchased online at: