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PRecision AG

Precision agriculture is the practice of combining technology with farming practices to increase revenue by lowering inputs and/or increasing productivity. ASB is a company that is well established and has been in the Precision Ag business longer than anyone in the area. We pride ourselves on being the most competitive while utilizing a hierarchy of professionals to provide the best service. As a leader in the industry we have an excellent relationship with the manufacturers of the equipment we sell. Here are a few ways we can help you!

Variable Rate Technology

Why a producer should spread VR Lime?

  1. Better Application - The right amount of lime is placed in the right area rather than putting on
    2 ton whether the ph in that area is 8, 5, or anything in-between.
  2. Reduced Lime Cost - In many situations the difference in lime cost of a flat rate vs. variable
    rate is enough to pay for Grid Sampling as well as the application cost
  3. Increase Productivity - If you spread a flat rate of 2 ton/ac of lime on a field there are areas
    that could call for over 3 ton/ac these areas are left less productive.

Direct Command GranularGrid Soil Sampling and Variable Rate Fertilizer

  • Never over or under apply fertilizer in an area of your field again
  • Know exactly the quality of your ground
  • BOTTOMLINE: Put fertilizer where you need it, higher nutrient levels = higher yields!
  • Also use your yield data to apply fertilizer by crop removal
  • Apply variable rate Ag lime

Auto-Pilot / Auto-Steer

Trimble Logo

Average producers reduce inputs by 10%!

Imagine planting across a field not touching the steering wheel, all while having straighter rows than any of your neighbors. With a Trimble RTK Auto-pilot system you will do just that!

  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Utilize every square inch of land
  • Operate at higher speeds more accurately
  • Extend hours of operation Reduce driver fatigue
  • Pass to pass and year to year repeatability
  • Reduce/eliminate overlap and skips
  • Focus on the job at hand

If a producer operates 30 foot equipment and overlaps 3 feet, on that fact alone he is only 90% efficient, that means 1000 acres turns in to 1100 acres. Figure the cost of farming that extra 100 acres and you can see why an Autopilot system would be beneficial in many operations.

EZ Guide 500 Light Bar

EZ Guide 500 Light Bar

Contact us today to demo for FREE!

  • A Light Bar is a low cost way to increase speed and productivity while reducing overlaps and skips. This is the best way to get high quality GPS, and is the first step to becoming more efficient.
  • Low cost, high quality, durable
  • EZ steer assistant steering
  • EZ boom shut off
  • DVD quality 7”widescreen 31 LED light-bar
  • As-applied coverage logging to easily see skips and overlaps in real time
  • Internal Memory Logging and USB Memory Stick for File Transfer
  • EZ-Steer Support
  • Right side buttons consistent with EZ-Guide Plus,3 new function buttons on left side
  • Escape button on back of unit
  • On-screen help-info button for many screens
  • Better visibility in direct sunlight
  • Rugged cast housing

Insight Monitors

The Insight Monitor is the most capable, easy to use monitor on the market. This monitor does it all! After a Producer purchases the Insight he or she can add any or all of the systems listed below.

Seed Command - No more overlap at point rows! (Check out the Seed Command field below.)

Seed Command field

Seed Command is the automatic control of your planter. With this system you will eliminate overlap in your
fields .This system has been known to pay for itself in seed costs the first year!

Seed Savings
1500 in corn acre hill producer
Overlapping 8% (this is about average for a hill producer)
Corn seed about $75 per acre

This producer will save $9000 in seed cost in one year! Not to mention no more down corn because of over planting and reduced corn head lodging!

Direct Command - No more flipping boom switches!Autoswath

  • Automatic swath control (10boom sections)
  • Multiple product control & recording
  • Control Rate based on flow(gpm), not pressure (psi)
  • Displays up to three pressure readouts
  • Tank volume count down with audible alarm
  • Sprayers, liquid fertilizer, and anhydrous applicators
  • Rate 1 - Rate 2 selection
  • Record tank mixes
  • Ability to control 2 liquid products/channels simultaneously
  • Support for multiple liquid and dry products simultaneously
  • Support for setting up a Direct Command configuration with an App Rate module

Insight MonitorYield Monitoring - Know what to plant next year before the
combine leaves the field!

With a Insight yield monitor your entire farm becomes a test plot! Put this monitor in your planter tractor and during harvest you will get instant full reports of yield for a field or hybrid.