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AGRIServices Brunswick
Phone: 800.279.4229

ASB East
Phone: 660.548.3177

ASB - Mendon
Phone: 660.272.3213

Phone: 660.258.7493

AGRIServices of Brunswick, LLC operates the Brunswick River Terminal at the 256 MM of the Missouri River. The Brunswick River Terminal is an up-to-date facility and the Missouri River’s top port with a highly skilled, seasoned labor force committed to being your total intermodal facility.

AGRIServices of Brunswick handles grain, fertilizer, sand, coal slag, dried distiller grains and has additional space, handling equipment, and amenities to suit future customers and tenants needing to store, import or export bulk commodities or oversized cargo.

We offer barge, rail and truck shipping and receiving of commodities. Our docks are available for simultaneous loading and unloading. Our 120 acres footprint is designed with room to build additional space and amenities to suit future tenants.



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