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AGRIServices Brunswick
Phone: 800.279.4229

ASB East
Phone: 660.548.3177

ASB - Mendon
Phone: 660.272.3213

Phone: 660.258.7493


Our Services

  • State grain warehouse license
  • Grain drying
  • 4,000,000 bushel grain storage
  • 1.3 million bushels temporary storage
  • Basis Contracts
  • Contracts - Minimum Price, Deferred Price, & Purchase
  • Options trading
  • Grain Bank

Grain Storage & Policies

ASB will not accept corn hybrids or soybean varieties containing GMO events not approved for US export markets including, but not limited to China, South Korea, Japan, Mexico the EU and Canada. All bids are subject to change without notice.

Storage on all grain is 4 cents per bushels per month with 8 cents per bushel minimum for 60 days. We allow ten days to decide what you want to do. After 10 days, storage starts from day grain was brought in.


ASB Bids 

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