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History of AGRIServices of Brunswick

AGRIServices of Brunswick, LLC is a 50-50 joint venture (1998) between MFA Inc. (Columbia, MO) and Brunswick River Terminal Inc. (Brunswick, MO) with Mendon Feed & Grain Inc. (Mendon, MO) included as a part of BRT. In the formation of the joint venture, the physical facilities of Brunswick MFA Agriservices, Brunswick River Terminal, and Mendon Feed & Grain were merged under one management team to form AGRIServices of Brunswick.

History of the three components of AGRIServices of Brunswick LLC

MFA, Inc. Columbia, Missouri
On March,10,1914, seven Chariton County farmers met at the Newcomer School six miles north of Brunswick to form the first Farmer's Club, which along with many others across the State and under the initial direction of William Hirth evolved into today's MFA .As the grain handling and farm supply needs of Missouri farmers grew with modern agriculture, MFA, Inc. continually updated and added physical facilities, and in 1953 leased land from the Wabash Railroad in Brunswick and built a modern grain handling and feed facility. To this, was added within the next couple of years fertilizer, seed and custom application services, the idea being, for Brunswick community farmers to have available in one location all their production needs.

Mendon Feed and Grain, Inc., Mendon, Missouri
About 1870, the Santa Fe Railroad decided to put a rail grain loading station in Mendon, Missouri. From that initial facility grew today's agribusiness service center. The Mendon Community, not only has access to rail grain markets, but also barge and truck markets, plus feed service for all types of animals, fertilizer custom recommended and blended for each specific field, a complete line of modern high yielding seed and a professional staff trained to custom apply fertilizer and crop protection products.

Brunswick River Terminal, Inc., Brunswick, Missouri
In the mid 1970's, Walker C. (Butch) Fletcher and William P. (Bill) Jackson discovered a mutual interest in developing a barge facility in central Missouri to move agricultural inputs, especially fertilizer, into this community and grain back to the New Orleans export market. Butch Fletcher owned and managed Fletcher Grain; a country elevator business, with facilities in Marshall and Malta Bend, Missouri, handling grain, fertilizer, seed, crop protection products, custom application and feed for Saline, Lafayette and Pettis County producers. Bill Jackson was part owner and manager of Jackson Chemical, Polo, Missouri, a fertilizer, crop protection products and custom application business serving Caldwell County, Missouri. These two principals agreed in December 1976, to locate land on the Missouri River between Kansas City and Jefferson City that also had rail service and access to a good highway. In the summer of 1977, The Brunswick River Terminal, Inc. Corporation was formed and purchased 20 acres of farmland from Paul and Sarah Griffith, DeWitt, Missouri. The acreage was located in Carroll County, in the Missouri River bottom, three miles west of Brunswick on U.S. Highway 24, a joining the Norfolk Western Railroad (mainline between Kansas City and Chicago) and at mile marker 256, left bank, Missouri River.

Over the next year, the farmland was converted into a fertilizer distribution facility with a 45,000-ton dry bulk fertilizer storage warehouse, barge and rail unloading facilities, rail and truck load out facilities, truck and rail scales and an office/shop. The 13 bins in the dry fertilizer warehouse were originally rented to Ortho, Olin, W.R. Grace, and Agrico. Over the next 10 years, additional land was purchased (today 105 acres) a 3,000,000 bu. grain elevator was built, three 5600 ton nitrogen storage tanks and a retail fertilizer custom blending business were added. In 1988, Brunswick River Terminal, Inc. bought 2/3 of the stock in Mendon Feed and Grain; the other 1/3 being owned by Donald Daniels, Mendon, Missouri.

Agland, Brookfield, Missouri
The history of service to the agricultural community of Brookfield, Mo. Started in 1959 with a feed store known as "Blue Chip Milling Co.", operated by Faber Industries. Ownership changed in 1963, and Turner Hoffman, Inc. became the name of the new business. The stockholders of the company were Charles Reed, Reuben Turner, Charles Hoffman, Lloyd Turner, and the Quaker Oats Company.

1967 was witness to the next change of business as Ray Bennett and Harold Hoyt bought stock in the newly formed Ag Land, Inc. This change saw the growing commitment to service with the construction of a new fertilizer plant, which continued in 1968 with the addition of the grain elevator. This was also the year the company would purchase all of Quaker Oats remaining interest in Ag Land.

In 1979 Ray Bennett and Harold Hoyt became sole owners and that business relationship continued until 1986, when Ray Bennett purchased Harold Hoyt's stock.

On January 1, 2001, the current stockholders and management of Ag Land, Inc. Brookfield, Missouri, Ray Bennett and Tom Bennett, respectively, announced their decision to transfer ownership of all existing stock in Ag Land, Inc. to the present stockholders of Brunswick River Terminal, Inc. Brunswick, Missouri.

The success that Ag Land, Inc. and the Brookfield area have shared is the result of the commitment and philosophy that exists between management and staff to provide the best possible customer service.