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Wholesale Fertilizer

Each year the North American corn crop removes:

  • more than 32 billion pounds of nitrogen
  • 11.4 billion pounds of phosphorus
  • 19.2 billion pounds of potassium

The natural fertilizer cycle is quite simple: as plants grow, they mine nutrients they need from the soil. When a crop is harvested, those nutrients also go to market - leaving a shortage of nutrients in the soil. Fertilizing does nothing more than complete that plant cycle to ensure that crops can get what they need to grow.

Our crop nutrition products are complemented by our customized services. From field mapping and soil testing to agronomic consulting and fertilizer blending innovations, our services provide real-world benefits to our customers.

Manufacturers require consistency and reliability when selecting vendors for Potash, Phosphates and Nitrogen. Our central location is available for product pick-up or we can arrange the shipping of your industrial ingredients. Contact Kevin for more information or current market rates.


Anhydrous Ammonia
(82-0-0) MSDS

Granular Urea
(46-0-0) MSDS

UAN Solution

Ammonium Sulfate
(21-0-0-24s) MSDS

Ammonium Thiosulfate
(12-0-0-26s) MSDS

Diammonium Phosphate
(18-46-0) MSDS

Monoammonium Phosphate
(11-52-0) MSDS

10-30-0 Suspension

White Granular Potash
(0-0-62) MSDS

Red Granular Potash
(0-0-62) MSDS

Soluble Potash
(0-0-62) MSDS

3-9-27 Suspension

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